Strategic cooperation with Strittmatter Partner AG

regioConcept AG was founded in 2010 as a planning office with a small software development part. The simulation tool FaLC developed by us has proved itself in practice in the best way, at the same time the scope of the software as well as the development expenditures have increased steadily. Therfore, regioConcept AG has gradually become a software company in recent years.

As a result, we entered in 2016 into a strategic partnership with Strittmatter Partner AG. On the one hand, this allows regioConcept to focus on the development of the FaLC software, on the other hand, Strittmatter Partner AG will focus on application of FaLC and spatial development in general.

Regarding Software development, the current business address of regioConcept is still valid. However, our team is at the new place of work in St. Gallen:

Strittmatter Partner AG
Raumplanung & Entwicklung
Vadianstrasse 37
9001 St. Gallen
T +41 71 222 43 43
F +41 71 222 26 09

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