Facility Location Choice Simulation Tool (FaLC)


Whether for planners, the authorities, builders, investors, local residents or companies, the development of land and transportation poses many questions. These questions can involve individual parcels of land or entire areas such as cities, municipalities, cantons or an entire country. The Facility Location Choice Simulations Tool (FaLC) is an integrated transport and land-use simulation tool, developed under open-source licence. The aim of FaLC is to solve scientific and planning questions concerning long-term infrastructure, transportation, economy and society development, and also to study the effects of individual parameters modification.

Video of the first results of FaLC (population in St. Gallen Region 2000-2020)  >>

regioConcept AG is developing important parts of FaLC and coordinating the project with other involved partners, among others:

Visit the new website www.FaLC-sim.org! >>