Transport Model for the Canton Solothurn

Gesamtverkehrsmodell Kanton Solothurn

Until now the canton Solothurn has been in possession of two mono-modal regional transport models (Solothurn-Grenchen and Olten), and with the districts of Dorneck and Thierstein, it has been part of the overall transport model of Basel. After updated data on travel behaviour became available at the end of 2011, the canton Solothurn commissioned ARGE TransOptima/TransSol/regioConcept with an overall transport model for the canton. The aim was to establish a model in a spatial and multi-modal context – on changes in urban residential development structures, mobility pricing or transportation management, for example – and replace the existing regional models. Most notably, regioConcept AG prepared the structural data and created scenarios for the years 2020 and 2030.

TransOptima GmbH, Olten/Zurich
TransSol GmbH, Wädenswil

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