Transport Safety Research Package (VeSPA)

SVI-Forschungspaket zu Verkehrssicherheit (VeSPA)

The Confederation as well as private organisations want to use certain measures to significantly reduce the number of accidents on Swiss roads. Road accident statistics have been kept since 1926, the data of which was transferred in January 2011 to the road accident register of the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO). After integrating

it into the Road and Road Traffic Management Information System (MISTRA), the accident data could now be linked with other FEDRO registers.

regioConcept was entrusted with the overall management of the research package “Road safety gains resulting from data-pooling and structured data analysis” (VeSPA). The aim is to study and quantify correlations in accident incidents, using current statistical methods. The research package is divided in several sub-projects focussing on people / society, situation / infrastructure, vehicle, weather, medical consequences, and economic costs.

> Swiss association of transportation engineers and experts (SVI)